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Washroom Hygiene Concepts

The name Washroom Hygiene Concepts was chosen as an awareness of the impact a washroom can have on the health of users and organizations, as such awareness is growing leaps & bounds in emerging India.

The services were introduced in 2006 and after receiving an encouraging response, a separate business unit called Washroom Hygiene Concepts Pvt. Ltd. was created in the year 2007.


Give Your Washroom A Deep Clean

Washroom Hygiene Concepts

One Stop Solution for all your Hygiene Needs

We not only has complete solutions for achieving high level of disinfection and sanitizing, but can also assist you in selecting the right products to be installed in such washrooms for assisting the users to utilize the facility to its fullest extent in a safe and hygienic way.


Cleaning FAQ

Due to the nature of sanitary waste, ideally it should be dealt with a specialized waste disposal bin. Life threatening viruses such as HIV and Hepatitis B highlight the need for stringent washroom hygiene standards.

One unit is capable of serving up to 20 ladies for a period of one month. Obviously, towels fill a unit sooner than tampons and great care should be taken as to the number of units realistically needed and the frequency of service.

Weekly and fortnightly services are based upon the number of footfall in the washroom.

It is not advisable to misuse the units in this way, although if this does happen it will not affect the effectiveness of the unit.

Normal servicing is run by calendar month, the customer would therefore receive twelve services per year.