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Water is a precious resource. In an environment where a large percentage of population has no or limited access to clean drinking water, it is the moral responsibility of each individual and organization to conserve the usage of water. A typical average office uses up to 60% of its water for flushing toilets and urinals. Every time you flush, the water you use has to be purified and pumped round again, all of which takes energy. The potential impact on the environment is vast.

 At washroom Hygiene Concepts, we offer many water saving devices and solutions. Most of these devices and solutions can be easily retrofitted to your existing fixtures or can be simply incorporated into your cleaning protocol to give you the savings. Thus our devices and solutions enable organizations to implement effective & environment friendly water saving solutions.


urinal flush management system
Urinal Flush Management System
Our urinal flush management system is designed to drastically reduce your water consumption by up to 90%
urinal biological blocks
Urinal / Biological Blocks
Our Biological blocks (Bio Blocks) are made of non-chemical ingredients, proven to maintain clear and odor free urinal traps and lines.
enzyme based cleaning
Enzyme Based Cleaning
Our Urinal Screens, Urinal Blocks and Auto flushing surface cleaners are enzyme based cleaners for you washroom cleaning
auto dosing surface cleaning
Auto Dosing Surface Cleaning
Our cleaning and dosing system provides continuous programmable maintenance ensuring W.C. and urinal remain clean, sanitized and odour free.

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