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Paper towels make a better impression. They dry hands better, they’re more sanitary, and studies have found that nearly 90% of users prefer the performance of paper towels over hot air dryers. With so many options, formats and dispensers available, it can be difficult to choose the right hand towel. The following guidelines should help you decide which towel and dispenser are right for your organization.

1. Folded or Roll Towels
Roll towels are typically recommended for high-traffic washrooms or where high capacity and lower cost-in-use are required. Roll towels often deter over-use and misuse as users aren’t as likely to take as much off the roll as they would with folded towels.

Folded towels are recommended for washrooms where image is more important. Folded towels also eliminate problems relating to dispensers with moving parts.

2. Know your folded towels
First came simple single folds. Next were c-folds, a format many still use despite poor dispensing and huge wastages. Multifold towels were an improvement because users had to only pull the “tail-end” of the towel from the dispenser. However, 1-Ply or inferior quality tended to tab or tear when pulled from the dispenser with wet hands.

3. Evaluating your washrooms setting also will help you choose the right dispenser.
• If image and style are important – Dispensers with customizable “decorator strips” are ideal to match    with any décor.
• Hygienic, “no-touch” dispensers – Here users touch only the towels they’ll use. There are no cranks or    levers where germs can hide waiting for unsuspecting clean hands.

4. Know your Towel Costs
You may be surprised at the total cost-in-use of your current towel system. Did you ever notice all those times that you grabbed more C-fold towels than you needed. This could happen either due to poor quality of dispenser, or wrong loading of towel sleeve or towels sticking to each other, or ease of wiping with bunch of towels where opening individual C-fold towel itself becomes a chore.

What about all those times when you pulled a multifold and the towels tore because it dispenses 1-ply that too of inferior quality. How many towels do you think you wasted? Some studies suggest that wastage due to all such factors could be between 40% - 350%.

Remember , careful selection of the  right towel dispenser and hand towels will help provide a consistent image for your entire facility and will help keep costs under control and users happy.

Features & Benefits

hand drying
  • • Unsurpassed drying speed - 10 seconds
  • • Fully automatic operation - solid state infrared
  • • Anti vandalism measure – Air is able to return back into circulation which prevents overheating and blocking of air vent.
  • • Smaller grill holes also stops people interfering or tampering with the sensor
  • • Environmentally friendly - uses 1/6 of the energy of conventional hand dryers. Cover is also 100% recyclable.
  • • Automatic universal voltage
  • • Durable 6mm thick cast iron covers with porcelain enamel finish and modern design.


  • Dimensions
  • Width  : 254 mm
  • Height : 297 mm
  • Depth : 173 mm
  • Available Colors
  • White
  • Wattage
  • 1450 w
  • Weight
  • 11 Kgs.
  • Noise Level
  • 80dB


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