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Safety is what we need this world health day


Every year we are observing World Health Day since 1950.It’s a global awareness day which is under the sponsorship of the World Health Organization. Every year WHO comes up with different themes, this year in which we are standing is acknowledged for FOOD SAFETY.

world health day washroom hygiene

The aim behind this particular theme is to bring the awareness among the people about the contamination of food later disease causing hazardous nature of microbes. On this special day, WHO is promoting improvement of food safety, as it has been analysed that more than 200 disease are linked with disease and even deaths of some 2 million people annually.


Like WHO, its everyone duty to take care of all these observance like Health Day, Immunization week, malaria day etc. and do the needful. Being a responsible company of India as a nation. Washroom Hygiene Concepts has brought the kind notice in our society regarding HAND HYGIENE.As food safety is near to impossible without proper hygiene approach.


The Hand can bring trillion of microbe’s exposure to food. It either like cooking, serving or while having. It is better to go for proper hand washing, drying and sanitizing techniques. It has been come to an account that hands can survive bacteria and virus up to days. But if we follow proper hand hygiene process than we can minimize the chance of germs intervention.


A simple hand wash with water don’t let you to get rid of germs and if you are washing your hands with already contaminated water than you are doubling the trouble. It is important to wash but do take care of water which you are using.


If in any case of time, water is unavailable then try to keep hand sanitize r in your pocket. It will kill the microbes and it won’t let the contamination. This is how we can take a step ahead for food safety.


Washroom Hygiene Concepts renders best of services and product range which are related to Hygiene and cleanliness in every commercial premises. We are here to provide Liquid Soap for hand wash, hand sanitizer, tissue and towel hand paper and one can avail air dryer from us. Addition to it, we are specialized in providing perfect washroom cleaning too. Give us a chance to prove us.


Make your premises will be laced with best of washroom hygiene services that will definitely bring you in good books of your human resource as you are thinking for their betterment.

Take the initiative to reduce the Spread of Swine Flu in Your surroundings.


Swine flu is pandemic disease, it is a viral contagious one so it is spreading with big wings. It is quite difficult to control the spread at the widest level. But individual initiative are always courageous and valuable. So, being an educated citizen, it is our righteous duty to help out society with broad hands in such a panicky situation where everybody loves to keep themselves as safe as in some locker where air is not allowed to blow in.

Precautions for swine Flu Washroom Hygiene

Other than keeping yourself in an escapist genre it is preferable to choose the way of being cautious. One should adopt the ways to get rid of the virus expose rather than burrowing down under the ground. As according to the scientist’s, you can’t survive if you opt to set back from such critical situation.


One of the crucial and biggest precautions is to make yourself and people around too aware of HAND HYGIENE. Hand is one of the body parts which is viable to disease spread. Through maintaining proper hand hygiene, you can easily protect yourself from this dangerous disease. Don’t stay self-confined, it is good to keep spreading the awareness about maintaining hygiene as it is the perfect way to kick off microbes.


Besides being conscious about personal hygiene, it is good to spread awareness among the toddlers and kids. Especially concern should be given to School going kids as they are getting exposed to other kids who might be infected with the symptoms of Flu as they are quite prone to disease. It is best to give training to kids so that they maintain proper hygiene. It is good to make them aware of proper usage of hand tissues, hand sanitizers, hand cleanliness before having food, after sneezing or even after shaking hands with other kids who are already infected. If we kill the germs before they travel, I guess it is the best to hamper microbes travel.


Wash your hand properly, dry them up, use sanitizers etc. Surface and hand sanitizing techniques are few basic methods to keep hand cleanliness. At times. You are not at your comfortable zone, where you won’t find any good place for hand wash. For such tacky times, it is good to keep pocket sanitizers where you can just rub off your hands to reach up the level of little cleanliness. Other than this be cautious while touching or using unhygienic public facilities like toilets, junk food and other products that include public exposure. What helps you the most is frequent hand wash that too with liquid hand wash and sanitizers.


In any worst situation, if Consult doctor immediately if cough and cold prevail for long duration. Infected person must visit the doctor without hesitation.

Creating a more dignified universe through access to hygiene solutions to women power


In 2015, International Women Day, celebrated globally on 8 March, don’t let the celebration of the level of highlighting and in show off. This is the time to uphold women caliber, potency and it gives greater attention to women rights especially to the right when the menstruations occur. In some states of India, they are treated as untouchables in those five days. Celebrations must be gelled up with participating in politics which turned out to be in fruitful way, getting an education campaign which brings the awareness of literacy, having an income source for women that bring the change and living in societies free from violence.

sanitary napkin vending machine


Most of us usually forget that women are deprived of “Woman Freedom”. The term freedom we talking here is not the Independence but in terms of disposing of the menstrual waste without any embarrassment. There are very fewer facilities for disposing of the waste in the correct manner. Although menstruation is a natural process where female has to face the turmoil of physical, hormonal or emotional changes. Rather than supporting women on this part our society always curse them and provide no special facilities which is actually their utmost need.


Today, woman is at the top of professionalism and on this fabulous way of celebrating women’s day Washroom Hygiene is doing righteous thing for their hygiene facility. They are the provider of the best feminine hygiene products which must pay emphasis on rendering product and services to women specially based on their hygiene. Along with hygiene on this special occasion they try to make the woman free from any embarrassment for disposing of the waste in the public washrooms.


Societies which are working for the welfare must work in collaboration with government to distribute sanitary pads at low cost, install sanitary napkin vending machine, awareness for feminine hygiene etc. Companies like washroom hygiene concepts is coming up with such an idea that is contributing to the welfare of professional women as they believe that rather than pop and show it’s good to do something for the welfare.

Wash your hands frequently or use hand sanitizer to get rid of H1N1 Virus.


H1N1 Virus or swine flu or pandemic flu is what we are listening or reading or viewing everywhere. This awareness is just to make an effort to control the effect of the virus invasion. By this time on our watch, the toll of death cause of this deadly virus reached up to nu be of 700+ and it is not in any control as the number of suspecting case cross 11, 000 mark.

toilet hygiene products


The elevation in the cases is reported mainly in states Jammu & Kashmir, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Delhi and Telangana. The poisonous spread of the virus is continued with new states like Minor am. It is although quite difficult to control the spread but still measures has been taken at central level as well state level to ensure the supply of required medicines, vaccinations, guidelines to take necessary precautions to hamper the cycle of transmission. Also, it should be mandatory to every medical assistance agency to render treatment protocol.

surface and hand sanitizing


One thing that really help in doing something effective is maintaining proper hand hygiene as the virus can easily transmitted with every infected cough or sneeze to one to other. Every virus has a random survival tenure of 4 hours on the skin surface and 12-hours happy stay on materialistic surface like cloths, table, washroom accessories and Toilet Hygiene products. Preferably it is good to go for frequent hand wash but at times it is quite difficult to wash, so it is recommended to go for sanitizers that has the potency to kill the virus.


One step toward hygiene with surface and hand sanitizing practice can really bring the change, it not only safeguard you from the virus attack but also makes an effort from your end to break the cycle of virus transmission. It’s good to adopt healthy hygiene practice and also to encourage people around you to do worthy effort.

Appreciating the efforts of our honourable PM for the betterment of Female in our society


There is always scarcity of nice things for women- part of society victimized by gender discrimination and on the basis of bloodshed days of her life which makes her life pity. India being declared as the Democratic country with a label of Right to Equality. Being an Indian do you support this fact! Equality, one of our right is nowhere connected to real life as gender prejudice is booming and significantly reflected in the form of women ration in our county. Taking the minor example of Panipat, Haryana that has among the lowest child sex ratio in the country (918 girls to 1000 boys).

Feminine hygiene care solutions


Although, our Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi has thought for a while or we can say his true act of benevolence in the disguise of BETI BACHAO BETI PADHAO has brought the slow wind in our nation. With such campaign at least there is a hope that raise the volume of that minor society who are trying to fly for the betterment of female.


We thank our Honourable PM for this magnanimity as he with his committee has at least make an effort for the improvement of feminine life. While appreciating this act of warm-heartedness we would like to appeal our prestigious member of governance that launch more campaigns which are related to health & hygiene.


Some issues are already existing in our society that are related to female health and hygiene, but they have never being discussed in our walled room of government. Due to natural phenomena of Menstruation, girls have to bear the discrimination, health hazards, illiteracy, early marriage etc. There is a need to provide proper awareness to girls for improving their hygiene especially in that blood shed days. It must be considered as priority based job that includes a provision of every basic facility of proper washroom, sanitation, Disposable and other hygiene services. We should collaborate work for rendering feminine hygiene care solutions for the betterment of the feminine life.


Imparting education is most crucial one as, like a root of a tree, a girl has to take care of every branch, flower, and seed of her family tree. A basic education will reciprocate to give a good foundation to well-groomed family. Consideration of health, hygiene and education really brings the change in our society.


A sincere request to our esteemed government to make this possible and make our society worth for the second gender of our society who never get an open sky to breathe and feel the life.

Heal the wound rather than hurting them more with discrimination


Right to Equality in India is limited up to law sections of our constitution, it is nowhere shining in the free sky. As there is nothing that comes in a balance which equates the things for men and women, it’s only the women who have been suffering at every verge of life. She is the one who faces the problem just because of the fact that she bleeds. In society like ours where the most desperate need for criteria of bride is that she should bleed and fertile enough to pull forward the cart of generations, on the contrary if she won’t bleed she is not left with any corner in the society where she lives a life of her own.


sanitary napkin vending machine

You can’t unmask the cruel face of our society, where women has been used to fulfil sexual desires of their partner, conceiving baby to run families and face the discrimination in those five days of a month in which they bleed. It is harsh, but it is the bitter truth of where Girls in our society have been discriminating on the basis of the caste n creed, but also on the ground of being bleeding or not. They won’t suffer from any problem it’s just a natural process of their reproductive system which every month shows that they are quite reproductive and can conceive. If the news of pregnancy brings the happiness then why people curse when they bleed. This double face society really needs a dose of Feminine hygiene care solutions.


Our government jointly works with various society which are presently making efforts to do at least something for the betterment of feminine hygiene. It just not to be limited to the specific boundary. Government should think emphatically by providing awareness in the society regarding this natural process where there should be no discrimination.


Discrimination is just the core part of the whole problem related to feminine health, there are many collateral that are related to it. Let’s widen the horizon by unfolding the untouched chapters, Toilet facility, distribution of sanitary pads and menstrual waste disposal management. These three are quite crucial and spokes of a giant wheel of feminine health.


In our country, women has to find darken area of their village or barren land to change their soiled husk or clothes pad and they use that place to dumped down or wash their blood stained clothes. Government should take crucial step for providing the proper toilet facility. Health care department needs to take a step that can provide sanitary pad on monthly basis to females so that they could use proper pad during bloodshed days. By using these pads they are maintaining hygiene level that won’t let them to get disease like UTI, Vaginal infections etc. Now, comes the disposal part that has never been in any agenda of our government scheme.


A peek a boo of statistic related to disposal of menstrual 12 percent of 300 million bleeding women – 36 million sanitary pad user – If agencies allow 12 napkins to a woman per month, the stats change to 432 million soiled pads. It weighs somewhere around 9,000 tonnes per month. With which you can easily fill the area of over 24 hectares. The stats courtesy to magazine Down To Earth, who has taken the initiative on the serious issue.


Washroom Hygiene Concept has been a magnificent job by their Sanitary Waste Management Services in which handling and disposing sanitary waste from “Cradle to Grave” in quite Eco-friendly which doesn’t involve any touch and dispose of the soiled pad with no one’s interference. This magnificent and idle product for disposing the used sanitary waste is known as La-Femme Care Bin. This bin disposes off waste safely and responsibly.


Such kind of bins should be installed in all public toilets, malls schools and other public areas where the probability of disease spread is quite high, not among the toilet user but also who are involved in disposing off the feminine waste. Un regularized way of disposing always expose the cleaning staff to various disease.


For public notice, government should acknowledge companies like WHC and other who are working with innovative techniques to bring the difference and join hands to work firmly and jointly to render healthy service to the neglected section – Feminine health care solutions of our society.



Watch out!! Is your baby hygienically Safe in public places?


Babies are very innocent and are at a learning stage every time. Their skin is very sensitive and usually very prone to germs and bacteria .Thus, it becomes an essential duty of the parents to take care of their baby from head to toe. If you are a parent or going to be parents then first of all a hearty congratulations to you .It is possible that your room might have become full with baby products, creams, toys , powder and baby diapers as well.


baby care solutions


But have you ever wondered you take so much care for your baby at home. Are they safe in public places like public toilets as well? We all know that babies are very delicate but life doesn’t stop! You need to go to visit public places like malls, airport, Amusement Parks and other public places. Childhood is the best time where a child develops good healthy habits .You make them learn eating right and staying healthy. No doubt, we focus on making them practice good hygiene system as well. One must teach or follow the following Baby care solutions in a public place:


  • Use of hand Sanitizers or a hand antiseptic it helps in 99% germ protections. It might not be possible that water is available everywhere thus this helps in germ protection.
    • Today owners of highly used public washrooms prefer to provide Baby Diaper Disposal. With the help of the cleaning efforts these disposal systems are provided by many washroom cleaning service provider’s .Thus if you access to these toilets you will get the best hygiene comfort.
  • Diapers have the urine and stool as well if it isn’t disposed of in a hygienic manner then the germ will multiply and spread thus affecting your child as well as others babies too.
    • Good “hand washing practice” is a must in public washrooms were so many dirty hands touch here and there.


Baby Diaper Disposal is a must in every washroom and especially in public washrooms. Diapers are usually with the baby for about 4 to 5 hours and there are easy chances of getting infections to the baby. Mind it!! Try to flush off the babies stool before disposing it off as if you avoid this you give an open invitation to germs. In a country like India there are very less public washrooms where you get this kind of hygienic facility and this is the major reason that you avoid going to such place.


There are many public washroom cleaning contractors one of the best ongoing company is washroom Hygiene Concepts Pvt limited which has provided cleaning services for a very long period of time. Most of us are not aware of these services and think it is available only in abroad. For our delicate babies this kind of facilities must be available in all public toilets so that your child is “SAFE & SMILING” everywhere.

Caring for your intimate health that makes you carefree..


Female protection and hygiene always need special limelight, it is not because they suffer from some problem or they are over hyped with normal phenomena of mensuration and other female hygiene related problems.


Feminine hygiene products



Being female you are fortunate enough as you have been gifted by God to give birth to new life and for this they have to pay monthly wages i.e. they menstruate naturally every month to make their reproductive system functionality well. It’s a universal process and we (women) don’t regret it. This must be an initiative campaign to provide awareness to young women about periods and battling age old prejudices of Indian society related to menstruation.


Here people are landing up on mars and we are still facing hurdles in enabling women to break free from all the old ages taboos. Rather than criticizing them and our society should promote things that support them in all senses that keep their spirit high, elevate their confidence and make them carefree.





Organization should introduce Feminine hygiene products for hygiene drive in their office that includes various facilities. Some of them are as follows:

  • Sanitary waste management services
  • Toilet seat sanitizers
  • Sanitary napkin disposal
  • Toilet seat covers dispenser
  • Sanitary napkin vending


According to relevant facts and figure ,around more than 50% of women in India get affected or get prone to reproductive system disease due to unhygienic washroom conditions prevails in almost everywhere in our country.


We should jointly work for this crucial factor so that we can contribute little for the betterment of feminine hygiene and its issues. Special dedication should be given in areas where public traffic is more as these areas are quite proved to disease.


Companies should come forward which works for the Feminine hygiene Products solution to tie up with government so that they should initiate cleanliness drive at public places in which they must focus on hygiene education and provide all the hygienic elements as above discussed in public washroom.


Women hygiene is equally important as nation’s progress as in our country women are ambivalent who know how to live a life of being a female and how to contribute society as well as her profession like a masculine one. Let’s join our hands to bring cleanliness and sanitation in areas that surrounds us. Love humanity, respect feminine and prosper your society with good deeds. Make her feel how important she is for your family, for organization and for a member of society.

A voice towards to Indian sanitation system “Is India really rising”


Talking about the proper sanitation system in India still 43% of rural household do not have the same. There is a serious lack of proper sanitation facilities within the premises of rural sector of the big city “Uttar Pradesh”. This serious issue is not just the common point of hampering the health and the great hygiene issue, but it has also become the major issue of death. In 2011, Census had done a major report on this sanitation issue, according to its following point came into notice:


Bathroom cleaners


  • When analyzing the number of toilets 69.3 per cent off of the major sector of rural household do not have a toilet.
  • On a national average 78 per cent lack the basic facility of even one toilet within their household surroundings.
  • Keeping an eye the situation became a worse situation where almost 80.8 percent of rural households were not having toilets.
  • In a research conducted by UNICEF it was noticed that merely 1.1 per cent out 78 per cent of household people used the “public toilets” and 77 percent preferred to use the defecate in open.


Now the question arises “IS INDIA REALLY RISING” give a thought to it.


“World Toilet Day” is the day which focuses totally on toilet and sanitation system worldwide. The WTO or The World Toilet Organization is an organization that committed its focus on improving the toilet and worldwide sanitation system. Thus we say if not now then when will be the day when we live in a better hygiene system. It’s not a joke, it’s actually very serious. This day has a great importance as to raise the awareness as nearly half of the world’s population do not access proper toilets and sanitation system.