A voice towards to Indian sanitation system “Is India really rising”


Talking about the proper sanitation system in India still 43% of rural household do not have the same. There is a serious lack of proper sanitation facilities within the premises of rural sector of the big city “Uttar Pradesh”. This serious issue is not just the common point of hampering the health and the great hygiene issue, but it has also become the major issue of death. In 2011, Census had done a major report on this sanitation issue, according to its following point came into notice:


Bathroom cleaners


  • When analyzing the number of toilets 69.3 per cent off of the major sector of rural household do not have a toilet.
  • On a national average 78 per cent lack the basic facility of even one toilet within their household surroundings.
  • Keeping an eye the situation became a worse situation where almost 80.8 percent of rural households were not having toilets.
  • In a research conducted by UNICEF it was noticed that merely 1.1 per cent out 78 per cent of household people used the “public toilets” and 77 percent preferred to use the defecate in open.


Now the question arises “IS INDIA REALLY RISING” give a thought to it.


“World Toilet Day” is the day which focuses totally on toilet and sanitation system worldwide. The WTO or The World Toilet Organization is an organization that committed its focus on improving the toilet and worldwide sanitation system. Thus we say if not now then when will be the day when we live in a better hygiene system. It’s not a joke, it’s actually very serious. This day has a great importance as to raise the awareness as nearly half of the world’s population do not access proper toilets and sanitation system.



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