The washroom is often the smallest room in a building but potentially the one that has the greatest impact on our employees & visitors.

Organizations frequently put cash into slick receptions, work areas, showrooms, etc. only to neglect investment in their washroom facilities. Similarly, it’s common to hear about corporate houses working on their CSR policies with the goal of continually improving the management of the Social, Environmental and Economic aspects of their Businesses. Sadly the washroom is not often a highlight in these proposals.

Whether good or bad, the washroom makes an impression in every establishment and this can help make or break a deal at times. Nobody wants to go back to a restaurant with a dirty washroom.

Attitude towards personal hygiene and toilets differ from person to person. However, health risks and odours’ remain common to all. A wide family of microbes thrives in the washrooms. The hazardous area (Hot Spots) could be the washroom taps, dispenser levers, door handles, etc.
It is therefore important to know the existence of the invisible danger lurking in our washrooms. Responsible management of hygiene and risk can minimize any negative impact that the washroom can have on people and the planet.

Washroom Hygiene Concepts is India’s leading provider of Washroom Solutions for all types of washrooms in any environment. Our holistic solutions utilize our extensive range of products and services to ensure all aspects of your washroom are covered. Thus providing, high standards of cleaning, sanitizing and hygiene control.

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