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Over a twelve month period, it’s likely that at some point most people will suffer from a bout of sickness and diarrhoea and this usually means time off work. Sickness and diarrhoea is a result of cross contamination and the sneeze effect during toilet flushing is a common means of spreading bacteria.
Improving hand hygiene within your organization is considered to be one of the most important procedures in the prevention of cross contamination and cross infection.

A good hand hygiene protocol consists of
• Hand Washing
• Hand Drying
• Hand Wiping
• Hand Sanitizing

Hand Washing / Hand Sanitizing
Hand washing is a simple way of reducing infectious diseases which spread by hand contact. Thorough hand washing aids in the reduction and removal of potentially harmful bacteria from the hands. A good hand wash using proper soap and water can reduce the bacteria present on hands by up to 80%. Hand washing using a bar of soap can exacerbate this problem as bacteria thrive on warm, moist conditions that bar soaps provide. Hand washing using a shared bar can merely spread these germs further amongst washroom users.

At Washroom Hygiene Concepts we offer a range of hand washing solutions to provide good hand hygiene within your organization in order to reduce the cross contamination. These solutions include a wide variety & choice of soaps and Sanitizer Dispensers which can accommodate either Gel, Foam or liquid soaps and hand sanitizer.

Hand Drying
Hand dryers are an essential washroom item helping to dry hands after washing as wet hands act like a magnet for attracting bacteria.

At Washroom Hygiene Concepts, we offer a range of hand dryers to suit the specific requirements of each washroom. Hand drying options include the traditional warm air hand dryers to the new high speed air blasting machines for quick and efficient drying of hands.

Hand Wiping
Microbiological studies show that using a proper towel for drying hands after washing them can significantly reduce the chances of recontamination. Our paper towel range is all designed to give high level of absorption while providing an excellent standard of hygiene.
Our extensive range of paper towel dispensers is designed to keep the paper towels clean, dry and free from contamination.


hand washing
Hand Washing
A unique soap dispenser that brings optimal hand hygiene to a variety of locations and ensures hands stay hygienic and clean.
hand drying
Hand Drying
Our hand dryer simultaneously blows water off hands and evaporates residual moisture, drying hands completely in approx 10 seconds
hand wiping
Hand Wiping
Paper towels make a better impression. They dry hands better, they’re more sanitary, and studies have found that nearly 90% of users prefer them
hand sanitizing
Hand Sanitizing
Our hand sanitizer system has a unique pouch feature that reseals each pouch ensuring servicing is quick, simple and contamination free.

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