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1) The Unit

Q. What is a unit?
A. The sanitary disposal unit is a free standing container made of a high density plastic which will not deform in use. The unit is designed for the disposal of used sanitary towels and tampons.

Q. Why can’t we use an ordinary bin for disposal of sanitary waste?
A. Due to the nature of sanitary waste, ideally it should be dealt with a specialized waste disposal bin. Life threatening viruses such as HIV and Hepatitis B highlight the need for stringent washroom hygiene standards.

Q. Is there a bag within the unit?
A. Yes, there is a double liner embedded with BIOMASTER Antimicrobial Technology. This Technology consists of Silver Ions that destroy bacteria within 15 minutes immediately after the sanitary waste is disposed. 

Q. What is the usable capacity of the unit?
A. The Concept Units have a usable capacity of 23 liters & can contain 80 – 100 pads approximately. 

Q. How many ladies per month can use one unit?
A. One unit is capable of serving up to 20 ladies for a period of one month. Obviously, towels fill a unit sooner than tampons and great care should be taken as to the number of units realistically needed and the frequency of service.

Q. Are there any other frequencies of service available other than monthly?
A. Yes - weekly and fortnightly services are available for sanitary disposal units, as per the client’s requirement.

Q. What type of location may require a more frequent service than monthly?
A. Weekly and fortnightly services are based upon the number of footfall in the washroom.

Q. Where are the units placed?
A. The units are recommended to be placed in each cubicle next to the WC.

Q. What are the colors of the units?
A. White is the recommended color as it synchronizes with the hues in the washroom. 

2) The Services
Q. What frequency of service is usually recommended for a sanitary disposal unit?
A. The servicing of a sanitary disposal unit is usually conducted at monthly intervals which is in line with the menstrual cycle.

Q. How many services can the customer receive per annum?
A. Normal servicing is run by calendar month, the customer would therefore receive twelve services per year.

Q. What is the BIOMASTER?
A. The technology used here is BIOMASTER ANTI MICROBIAL TECHNOLOGY. Biomaster Antimicrobial Technology is an innovative range of safe, effective and permanent additives for the control of harmful bacteria, the active ingredient in Biomaster Antimicrobial Technology is Silver, and this technology is incredibly durable, long lasting and highly active. This process has been adopted world across. When Biomaster is added into a product it is dispersed throughout the entire item, and lasts its entire active lifetime. Silver Ions is inorganic and non-leaching, which means unlike organic antimicrobial technologies it stays within the item it is added to. Silver Ions provides antimicrobial protection without allowing bacteria to develop resistance, both the waste disposal bin & bin liner are embedded with Biomaster. The sanitary waste is disinfected with 15 minutes after the sanitary waste is disposed in to the unit. In this technology the sanitary waste does not touch the body of the bin. The bin liner is collected once a month and the waste is disposed of in a professional & hygienic manner. 

Q. Have the BIOMASTER been tested?
A. BIOMASTER has been successfully tested all over 50 different Organisms in over 2000 applications. BIOMASTER (Silver Ions) protection actively reduces the growth of bacteria inside and outside of the liner by up to 99.99% of its life.

Q. Will there will be a foul smell emanating from the unit?
A. Nasty smells are eradicated with the mal-odour eliminating technology which has the ability to deodorize smells that may exist within the liner during its use.

4) The Disposal
Q. Is all the sanitary waste incinerated?
A. Incineration is not advisable as it causes cross contamination and pollutes the environment. It is recommended that the sanitary waste be collected and disposed off in a professional and hygienic manner as per the norms of the civic agencies in Delhi.

Q. Does the waste disintegrate or does it compact in the liner?
A. No, the waste does not disintegrate nor does it compact in the liner. Every liner is removed and replaced with a fresh one during the service visit.

5) General
Q. Are there any hidden charges?
A. No, this system involves no installation charges, no labour charges, and no charges for the replacement of working parts.

Q. Can the units be used for normal rubbish i.e. coke cans, sandwiches etc.?
A. It is not advisable to misuse the units in this way, although if this does happen it will not affect the effectiveness of the unit.


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