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Drain Maintenance is a key factor in keeping drains clog-free and keeping these stinky drain smells away. Corroded drain pipes tend to create the perfect preconditions for clogs to form. The most common causes of corrosion of pipes are water with low or high pH, the presence of salts or sulfates, suspended solids (sand, rust) disposal of objects (like chewing gum, wrappers, sanitary napkins, hair, heavy papers, etc.) bacteria or chemical related corrosion and improper installation etc.

Washroom Hygiene Concepts offers many products to help you maintain free running drains. These products act towards prevention of clogs as well as intervention in case of partial or full development of blockages. We highly recommend Enzymes based Drain Cleaning and Maintenance products which are more effective, gentle to plumbing system, environment friendly and safe to use.


enzyme based drain maintainer
Enzyme Based Drain Maintainer
Our Drain Maintainer contains natural microbes which effectively digest oils, fats, greases and other organic matter blocking or impeding drainage systems.
enzyme based hair degrader
Enzyme Based Hair Degrader
Regular use of our Hair Degrader ensures the effective removal of hair and body fat build ups, thus eliminating blockages and drainage problems.
auto dosing surface cleaning
Auto Dosing Surface Cleaning
Our cleaning and dosing system provides continuous programmable maintenance ensuring W.C. and urinal remain clean, sanitized and odour free.
urinal biological blocks
Urinal / Biological Blocks
Our Biological blocks (Bio Blocks) are made of non-chemical ingredients, proven to maintain clear and odor free urinal traps and lines.
urinal screens
Urinal Screens
Urinal screens are an effective way to keep restroom urinal drains free flowing, it acts as a barrier to the drain pipe attached to the urinal.

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