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Regardless of the environment, washrooms are a highly used area and should be maintained daily to very high standards. Washroom should be well stocked with Hygiene products needed like soap, paper products, sanitizers etc.

In general, people tend to judge Cleaning and Hygiene Standard by what they see when using your washroom areas. It is very hard to make a good second impression if they are unhappy with what they see first time around. Therefore cleaning & maintenance regime should include regular checks of these areas and a monitoring system to confirm these checks are taking place and that standards are being managed and maintained.

Daily washroom maintenance cleaning procedures do not always remove the build-up of bacterial growth and hard water deposits. Regular deep cleaning ensures a healthy environment for both employees and clients and helps eliminate odour problems, as cleaning is achieved in areas not normally accessible.

WHC offers Cleaning & Maintenance Services to suit your budget and cleaning requirements. Whether your washroom needs a one off deep clean or a regular cleaning and preventive maintenance program, you can be assured that our fully trained, expert cleaning team will leave your washroom highly sanitized, with your appliances thoroughly cleansed and hygiene supplies replenished.

Within our Comprehensive Cleaning & Maintenance Services we offer:
• Supply of Hygiene Products based on low cost per use
• Feminine Hygiene Care Solutions
• Deep Cleaning Services
• Regular Cleaning & Maintenance Services
• Hygiene Monitoring Services
• any other Customized Services or Products as per client’s requirements


deep cleaning and sanitizing services
Deep Cleaning & Sanitizing Services
Daily washroom maintenance cleaning procedures do not always remove the build-up of bacterial growth, hard water deposits and scale.
grout cleaning and sealing
Grout Cleaning & Sealing
Grout is porous in nature and over time, absorbs dirt, mildew, mold and lime scale. We use steam (vapour) technology to deep clean grout.

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