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Businesses and Organizations have a responsibility to provide accessible washrooms and toilets for disabled users. Disabled friendly toilet facilities are used by both genders and by providing a baby changing station we can convert it into a dual purpose space.

We can advise you on the kind of washroom services and products you should be providing in your accessible washroom.

Our accessible washroom solutions include:
1. Stringent Cleaning Management System
We provide high hygiene standards because users are likely to use surfaces for support. As some users may already be immuno-compromised, we spray / fog with disinfectant which kills over 99.99% of bacteria. Our toilet seat sanitizer is another easy to use solution to reduce cross contamination.

2. Easy to Use
a). Toilet tissue dispenser and Refills: To provide individual toilet tissue sheets that can be pulled out with one hand

b). Automatic / Touch free soap: Automatic soap dispensers are sensor based and provide perfect hand washing solution for accessible washrooms.

c). Automatic Paper Towel Dispenser: Our no-touch paper towel dispenser requires just a wave of a hand across the sensor to dispense perforated, easy to tear paper towel for hand drying.

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