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Washroom Hygiene Concepts is one of the fastest growing Business Unit of Global Excellence Group.
The idea of starting a specialized Washroom Cleaning & Hygiene Solution providing unit was first mooted in the year 2005. The name Washroom Hygiene Concepts was chosen as awareness about the impact a washroom can have on the health of users and organisations is growing leaps & bound in emerging India.

The services were soft launched in the year 2006 and after receiving an encouraging response, a separate business unit Washroom Hygiene Concepts Pvt. Ltd. was created in the year 2007. Since then there is no looking back. In a short span of 6 years, WHC has established itself as India’s leading provider of Residential and Away-from—Home Washroom Services.

With years of industry expertise we can make informed decisions, the results of which is an efficient, flexible and cost effective solution to your washroom & hygiene needs. Providing the optimum washroom solution helps our clients meet and exceed their needs for a cleaner, safer and more comfortable washroom.

WHC learns how your company and your people work and then organize the exact hygiene solution suitable for you, your business and your customers. We deliver a quality service, delivered via dedicated people, who care about your business. Our goal is achieved in the strength of our people, our attitude, our commitment, our integrity and our dedication to the pursuit of total customer satisfaction.

Our Expertise

Solutions for Residential Washrooms
Maintaining, Cleaning & Hygiene Standards at washrooms of Residences/Farm Houses has very different challenges than away from home washroom segment.
We provide deep cleaning and sanitizing services along with Grout Cleaning and Sealing options and many more value added services and products.

Solutions for High Traffic Washrooms
Heavy Traffic washrooms experience very high foot fall, which leads to heavy soiling and persistent high usage of products and fixtures. Washroom facilities within Malls, Airports, Bus & Railway Stations, Recreation facilities like Stadiums, Theaters, Cinemas, etc. are some examples of high traffic washrooms. We have products and services to match the challenges of high traffic washrooms which ensure constant hygiene and operational standards.

Solutions for Premium / Private Washrooms
Washrooms falling under this category are usually expected to have stringent cleaning & hygiene standards and premium products. Such washrooms serve the purpose to impress customers and staff. Washrooms of Hotels, Restaurants, Spas and Exclusive Clubs fall under this category. Our premium products and services ensure high level of services & hygiene standards

Washroom facilities for Physically Challenged
Physical disabilities can be of many types and up to varying degrees. Businesses and Organizations have a responsibility to provide public accessible washrooms and toilets for physically challenged users.

WHC not only has complete solutions for achieving high level of disinfection and sanitizing, but can also assist you in selecting the right products to be installed in such washrooms for assisting the users to utilize the facility to its fullest extent in a safe and hygienic way.

Our Products & Services

• Cleaning & Hygiene Audits
• Baby Care Solutions
• Feminine Hygiene Care Solutions
• Hand Care System
• Paper Product Dispensers & Refills
• Deodorizing & Fragrancing Solutions
• Surface Sanitizing System
• Cleaning Management System
• De-scaling & Clog Prevention System
• Vending & Utility Machines
• Accessible Facilities for the Disabled
• Good Washroom Practices Posters
• Portable Washrooms

Our Pink Sunflower Logo


People throughout various cultures and lands have been drawn to the beauty and fragrance of flowers. From ancient times until today, flowers have been used for adornment and to express intimate feeling. Flowers have a language of their own. Many cultures around the world have a marked tendency to associate flowers with femininity.

No flower can lift spirits quite like sunflower can. Bright & cheery, bold yet comfortable, the sunflower is warm and caring gift. Much of the meaning of sunflowers stems from its namesake, the Sun itself. The sunflower’s petals have been likened to bright yellow rays of sunshine, which evokes feelings of warmth and happiness, thus they have become an ideal choice for sending sentiments of cheerfulness and sunny get well thoughts.

The color pink is named after the flowers called pinks, flowering plants in the genus Dianthus. In the pink is an English idiomatic expression for in good condition or in good health. The pink ribbon is the international symbol of breast cancer awareness. Pink was chosen partially because it is so strongly associated with femininity.

Thus our logo symbolizes – Awareness, Action, Healing, Style and Pleasant experiences.

Who We Serve

  • • Airports
  • • Railway Stations
  • • Metro Stations
  • • Cinema Halls & Multiplexes
  • • Event Facilities
  • • Clubs
  • • Convention Centers
  • • Banks
  • • Corporate facilities
  • • Business Offices
  • • Commercial Establishments
  • • Government Establishments
  • • Industrial Complexes
  • • Shopping Centers & Malls
  • • Supermarkets
  • • Retail Centers
  • • Showrooms
  • • Schools / Colleges / Universities
  • • Hospitals & Nursing Homes
  • • Doctor’s Clinic
  • • Diagnostic Facilities
  • • Hotels & Resorts
  • • Restaurants
  • • Fast Food Facilities
  • • Food Courts
  • • Homes
  • • Apartments
  • • Residential Complexes
  • • Places of Worship


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